How it all started – Let’s catch up!

In late December 2017 we traded in my Acadia for a Ford F250 HD 4 x 4. In January, we went to several RV shows in Dallas looking for the smallest fifth wheel 30 feet or under that still had a couch that makes into a bed hopefully for grandkids, and that also allows access to the fridge and bathroom without putting out any slides. In late January we settled on the Forest  River  Impression 26RET. It is 30 feet from bumper to bumper and assures us entry to most state and national parks. We left it at the dealership until late March.

In February we listed our house.  In three days we had three offers, two well above asking price and one was cash .  And you know the saying Cash is king? Well maybe not so much. Two weeks before closing after putting on a new roof and selling most everything we had and packing up a lot, the people backed out due to health issues. Luckily for us one of the other offers had taken second position and were happy to step in.  Closing was set for April 5.

  Jeff was very happy to retire on March 7 with a celebration at work and then later that night with our friends at Outback.



We got up at 3am to make the 18hr drive to Columbus Ohio to take our son a truck full of furniture, tools, all of our photos & STUFF. the visit was short but sweet & we got a few snuggles & giggles with these sweeties

We hurried back home to finish packing & buying things for the 5th wheel. WHO KNEW YOU NEED SO MUCH STUFF!!!???



This is a small portion of our purchases.


And this about sums it up!!


On March 28 we did the walk-through on the fifth wheel and then moved it to Lake Lewisville to Hidden Cove Marina.


3/28/18-4/4/18 Hidden Cove Marina

Our adventure starts with a BANG!!!

This park was really pretty and we were on a peninsula so we had water views out each side  but we didn’t spend much time taking advantage of this park as we were busy getting out of the house & moving things into the 5th wheel & making it home




The second night we were there I woke up at three am to what I thought was a gunshot. This was quite quickly followed by several more gun shots which woke Jeff up. We thought we were in the middle of a gun fight and didn’t want to stick our heads outside. Soon it sounded like we were in a war and then like a fireworks factory exploded. We figured we better look outside and make sure we were safe and there was a big ball of fire in the sky pretty close to us.  There is a boat in the RV storage facility on the property which caught on fire and the gas and propane tanks were exploding. It was so LOUD!!! The fire department contained it quickly and we were assured we were in no danger, but there was no more sleeping for us that night. 


4/4/2018-4/13/2018 Country View Rv Park

We moved  NE of Dallas to Lucas for this week to continue getting used to things, making sure everything worked & to watch a few more ball games for these guys


This was a very clean park but not much was happening there. About 90% of the people live there permanently  & they weren’t kidding when they called it Country View. This was our view most nights.




Our bit of excitement here was having to leave our 5th wheel & fleeing from the path of a tornado & tennis ball sized hail. Luckily nothing happened at our park & the only hail we ran into was pea size. We closed on the house, went to a few more appointments,& said a few more goodbyes.


4/13/2018-4/20/2018 Cedar Hill State Park

 This state park is southwest of Dallas on Joe Pool Lake

All of the campsites are very private and very pretty. The bluebonnets were in full bloom  and there are a lot of nice hiking areas & wildlife.





4/20 2018-4/23/2018 Kerrville-Schreiner State Park

This was our longest drive so far about four hours and I probably made Jeff crazy because I was very nervous. This is going to take some getting used to for me. This  was our first park without full hook ups so we had to learn water conservation.  Since we were only there three days it wasn’t much of a problem. This park is on the Guadalupe River. The river and all the wildlife made this a great spot. The town of Kerrville didn’t have a whole lot to offer but we found a great Mexican restaurant. 


We noticed a lot of vintage VWs and VW vans in the park. When we asked,we were told that there was an VW rally in Fredericksburg. It was only half hour away so we drove to Fredericksburg walked around the VW rally. What a blast from the past!! There were about 300 entries. Some were restored to mint condition & others you wondered how they stay together.


Wouldn’t this be fun!!




This one had 60’s music blaring from the drive in speaker.


18E6F7DB-6911-41F2-9D2B-950B52452ED6After that, we walked the streets of Fredericksburg, had a great German lunch, and went  to the Pacific war museum. 

4/23/2018-4/27/2018 Garner State Park

Next we went deep into hill country to Garner state park. This has to be the prettiest park in Texas. There is wildlife everywhere . There were beautiful places to hike, huge trees and Jeff even got into the Frio River. 

58ED9958-2D64-40A4-8999-8179253C2BB3126C284B-699A-4F4B-8AED-23D6A55FA422800BBD42-5B71-4440-8C55-2305923EB10DDD3278AC-44E3-48FF-AAF7-45709698F8441CE2EE90-89A7-43F4-8B9C-667986C772ADD6BC189F-E57D-4F78-837E-2FE9FBA12A9AThis was too cold for me but there were a lot of people enjoying it.47DE9538-6CFD-4228-8CF6-EE4547141AACD6056713-E0C0-4E47-842E-49AD88052891


We took a lot of beautiful hikes but this 65 yr old with good use of only one arm has learned her limitations!!! Let’s just say—- I fought the wall & the wall won!!5CAD4793-C83D-4228-A483-79E6E39C1A69


It was definitely different not having any cell service & very spotty WiFi but it gave us a chance to rewatch home movies Jeff had put on DVDs at night. Great week!!

I’m sorry for the long post but nowwe are caught up & I will try to do these weekly.

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