We left the beautiful Garner state park and made the 4 Hour drive down to the coast to Port LaVaca. We set up in a private RV park called Texas Lakeside RV Park. After a week in the woods it seems like a resort.

A2478F96-BBCF-4131-94EB-D3D6871CAE2E I think it is a big draw for snowbirds and is fairly new , and has a nice pool, spa, weight room, laundry & a large community room. It also had cable and Wi-Fi. After we checked in, we drove to nearby Magnolia Beach where there is free beach camping. Beautiful but we aren’t quite prepared for no hook ups yet ……


On Saturday we heard about Port O’Connor‘s annual crawfish fest and we were in! It is held on the beach with bands playing all day.

963CEE5B-D7A4-405B-B80C-E6BBFB1A0331 We bought the People’s choice tickets which allowed us to sample crawfish from about 30 vendors comprised of local families, organizations, & just about any type of group you could think of.

F578FFC2-7EAB-4960-9EE0-A7B4179B4571Each of us were given five tokens to place in the booths that you thought were exceptional. Oh how those vendors wanted our tokens. Beer was for sale at the park but some of them tried  to bribe us with free shots, free beers, and bloody Mary’s. Hey – I can be bribed.


48EC8715-052A-4515-9B82-58293B97B29DAt the end of the day the place with the most coins wins the trophy. It was so much fun but we couldn’t eat enough to sample all of the booths but we Definitely gave it a good try.

 On Sunday we met up with some old friends from as far back as junior high. I love it when you meet up with someone you haven’t seen in years and it’s like you never skipped a beat. They have lived here for 40 years and were very gracious to show us around. Tim has been a tug boat captain & had so many great stories to tell.

AA612A8F-2D1F-4C0F-8E7B-225F91FF09BB It was very sad to see how devastated some of the homes and businesses are due to hurricane Harvey. Evidently the insurance companies are slow to reimburse & there is a shortage of workers. One day we went to the town of Port Aransas for a wonderful lunch on the gulf . It was so cool that all of a sudden the road stops you drive straight on to the ferry, cross the bay and drive off onto the road. Along this area we saw three oil rigs in for repair. They are huge!

50C3CC27-E58D-411B-99C9-A34795034186 39294F95-C5C2-4B1F-98EF-8A19937CDD2COn our last night Sue cooked us a fabulous shrimp dinner. They are so lucky to live at the beach. I think I ate seafood at every meal and brought some fresh shrimp with me to put in my freezer. 

Our next stop was back along the Guadalupe River at the River Shade RV Park in Seguin Texas. It is another private park and I could definitely spend some time here again. It was so beautiful to be right on the river.

DC15DD21-3968-43A8-8627-75CFCDDADFA50755814F-D621-4FA2-9530-5ED3AE1BA3692E617693-890F-420C-9EEF-AA37071EFA5150218008-A898-4A37-AD20-C5729A42A73A We drove into San Antonio and had lunch at the Riverwalk and took the boat tour – it never gets old.


We found this great converted power plant across from where we were camping. It is a restaurant, brewery, with a patio that overlooks the river and you can tube the river from here.


8BA995BD-60C9-45CD-B76F-551A1CA9AEDCit was a great week but now onto the next adventure. Thanks for coming along!

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  1. Janet Gregory

    Bonnie & Jeff we were enjoying the pics and ur blogs tonight! Looks freeing & wonderful! We just had our last 2 kids move out this weekend & planning a wedding for next year!! It’s Sunday night so we’re getting ready for the Work week! Ugg! But God willing we will retire in 3 yrs & have grandkids of our own. But love living vicariously Thur the beautiful country & times in ur blogs! Keep them coming. And God bless u & be safe! PS u dog is a perfect snuggle companion!


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