We left the Collin Park Marina campgrounds early Tuesday for new territory. We made the 7 hr drive to Caprock Canyons State Park.

The drive to our site was amazing & we knew that it was going to be a good stay.

Our site was nice with plenty of room & we noticed cow patties in the yard. The next afternoon we found out why when these visitors showed up.

These were taken outside our window. You could see the bugs in his coat.

There were signs all over the park to stay at least 50 yd away from them especially if there are babies as they can charge.


When a bison raises it’s tail, that means it is agitated & could charge. You’ve heard the saying “high tailed it out of there”? Thats from the early settlers who knew that if the tail was high, you needed to get away.

Since there are about 100 of them roaming the park,you never knew when you were going to be hiking or just going outside & run into them,it made being outside a little more exciting.

We also had an active prairie dog colony near us which was very entertaining to watch

They suggested to be done with your hikes before 2pm as the heat in the canyons can raise to 130 in a very short time when the rocks heat up. We tried to be done by noon & were still very hot!

Warning!!! Beauty spam


This is called a a hoodoo.

The Natural bridge.

It was definitely a cross between the Grand Canyon & Sedona with none of the touristy things, or crowds . We would definitely return but only when it is a lot cooler. The evenings weren’t even cool enough to sit outside.The closest town was so small (population 411) that it didn’t have a stop light, or a restaurant but I was told by the girl at the only gas station & the girl at the only grocery store that there was a library (I was looking for WIFI) but neither of them knew where it was. We dove around & couldn’t find it either. Amazing!

On Thursday we left for the long drive through the Texas panhandle to New Mexico where we had reservations at a beautiful RV resort &were going to spend the week exploring the Enchanted Circle. Along the way we kept seeing what we thought were low hanging clouds. As we got closer to the mountains we realized it was smoke. We stopped for gas & the police told us that our roads would be blocked & that they were evacuating the nearby towns. It is still not contained but they are calling for rain today. It is called the Ute fire.

Below are images that I took from the internet. The first is the route we needed to take

Hwy 64 went right through it.

We quickly decided to skip to New Mexico for now & headed to Colorado. Our evening stop on the way up was definitely a place to sleep only, & lock everything up. Sometimes beggars can’t be choosers. We called ahead & luckily got a last minute spot in downtown Colorado Springs. Again, not our favorite but is okay & makes up for it in its proximity to a lot of the local things we want to see & do & walking distance to historic downtown.

It should be a great week!


3 thoughts on “5/27/2018-6/3/2018

  1. Anonymous

    Can’t believe all that you’ve seen just in Texas !
    Enjoy Colorado Springs, haven’t been back there since Eric graduated from academy in 2000 ! Hear it’s very crowded now & academy visits have changed drastically since 911 . Have fun .


  2. Anonymous

    Loved the pictures. Enjoyed the commentary. It is so very interesting to see the country side through your lens.
    Love ya, keep trucking on. 😉👍🏻


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