We really enjoyed our stay in Colorado Springs. We stayed at Goldfield RV park which is in the middle of the city. Sites again were packed in tight with no room for outside relaxing but that was fine. There was great WIFI & cable & we spent very little time there anyway. We spent a lot of time walking 2 blocks to the historic district where there were lots of cool shops & restaurants. The only downside to Colorado Springs is the huge homeless population. No one was aggressive.We only encountered a few beggars & most seemed happy enough but it was still a little disturbing that there are so many without. We spent a day at the Garden of the Gods. Beauty in every direction …Kissing Camels

The famous balancing rock

Another day we drove up Pike’s Peak. It is a 17 mile drive & takes about 1 1/2 hr of beautiful but white knuckle driving (riding for me). I knew that I didn’t like heights but had no idea how nervous I would be. There are several hairpin turns & switch backs & a lot of them don’t have guard rails. It is SO psychological! The road is plenty wide enough & even though it was scary, I was hanging in there. Once we went above the tree line —– OMG!!! I can speak for both of us that it was a game changer. 14,000 is way too high for me! I was so focussed on worrying about the drive down & catching my breath in the thin air that I didn’t get any pictures. Surprisingly, the drive down was much less stressful but I would NEVER do it again!!! This map shows how curvy the road is

On Wednesday we left for Wyoming through Denver & had a beautiful drive

Mile high stadium.

Cheyenne is just over the border & we stayed in a privately owned campground with it’s own barbecue restaurant which was very good. Funny thing about how different state laws are: in Colorado medicinal & recreational pot is legal. Across the border in Wyoming, you can’t buy beer in a grocery story.

The Curt Gowdy state park was close & was so beautiful! I wish I could have gotten a reservation here to just relax & enjoy the views

On the way back we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch & I told the waitress that we kept seeing Rocky Mountain oysters on menus & asked if they were the real thing. She answered yes & that they sell a lot of them. A bit later she brought us a sample & said that rather than to say bull balls, they refer to them as Swingin Sirloins!

They weren’t bad but I don’t think that I would ever order them.

The weather has been so nice here!! It is so good to be out of the heat but every night a big front goes right over us which makes for interesting skies

Antelope have big white tails

We are off to explore South Dakota.

5 thoughts on “6/3/2018-6/10/2018

  1. babs45

    We spent several days in Colorado Springs about 10 yrs ago on our way hope from the Grand Canyon. We rode the train up to Pikes Peak, visited the Garden of the Gods, and toured the Air Force Academy. We also drove through Monument Valley and took a train trip from Durango, Co.up to Silverton, and old mining town. It was a great trip. I envy you your new travel adventures!


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