We checked into our first KOA camp Sunday afternoon. Shortly after settling in we found an Urgent Care for Jeff’s earache & got a few restaurant recommendations in the area from the staff. When we got back we tried to FaceTime with our son & his family but were experiencing our first hail storm & it sounded like we were in a popcorn popper!

There is so much to do & see in Rapid City. My. Rushmore was so much more amazing than I expected!!

The next stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. There was a 20 minute movie that explained the history of this build.

I wish we could have gotten closer.

Another day we drove to Devils Tower. You can see it from miles away but up close it is amazing!

On the way back we stopped at Deadwood for lunch & a very touristy afternoon.

Everywhere we went, the views were so beautiful. I told Jeff that if I had $5.00 for every time one of us said “gosh that’s pretty” or something like that, that we could finance this whole trip.

When you see this sign, you just have to visit, right?

We had a great time tasting all of the yummy wines & Jeff (not a wine drinker) even found a few that he liked. I bought a few bottles of the rhubarb & wish I would have gotten more😜.

Rapid City is not a huge city but their downtown was hopping every time we went there. They have statues of the presidents on the street corners

They also have an art alley downtown.

We kept seeing this gas station/convenience store & got a kick out of the name. I wonder how many times I asked Jeff to stop for a loaf of bread or a jug of milk when the kids were little.

We headed east & stayed in a little town off I90 where the population is 274. There is one gas station at the exit, one very small grocery with limited hours, a library,post office & a garage & grain elevator. But it is the county seat.

When we checked in, we were given camp information. We were told that they have a lot of big storms & if we needed shelter, we should use the laundry/ shower building. But…. if things got real bad, they had a key to the courthouse across the street & that we could shelter there. I wonder how many county seat court houses give out their keys to a campground. I also learned that the legal driving age is 13 in South Dakota & that the nearest real grocery is 30 miles away & the nearest movie theatre is 65 miles away. So they have very young teens driving very long distances & think nothing of it. Yikes!

We are eastbound today. Happy Father’s Day!!!

3 thoughts on “6/10/2018-6/17/2018

  1. Pamela Martin

    Thanks for the news- it’s great to follow your travels. I guess you are released from the Dr.? Have a great time! Hoping to see you soon!


  2. babs45

    Yes, I’m loving your experiences too. I think you’ve maybe talked us into planning a trip maybe in early autumn to see Mt. Rushmore. Keep up the interesting blog entries!


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