Sunday afternoon we pulled into Sioux Falls. We asked our camp host for the must see places & can’t miss restaurants. It is another smaller city that has a wonderful downtown. We first went to Falls Park which is what drew people here . It was beautiful & so powerful.

We spent some time exploring the area & learned about the Queen Bee Mill

The downtown was only a few blocks away & we went to the highly recommended Minerva’s for lunch & browsed the cool stores. This is the fifteenth year of their sculpture walk. Everyone is encouraged to take a ballot & choose their favorite. Here are a few

This is of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Another day we toured St Joseph’s cathedral. It was very impressive.

Next stop was Prior Lake a suburb of Minneapolis. We were very surprised that we were in a resort park that is part of the Mystic Lake casino. They even offer drivers to pick you up & return you from the casino.

One night we had dinner at Charlie’s on Prior. This would be a Great Lake to have a summer home.

Even though neither of us a big shoppers, The Mall of America was amazing & pretty overwhelming. You definitely could spend a week there. We opted for lunch & got tickets for one of their feature attractions. It was called Fly over America & even though we wished it would have been longer, we really enjoyed it.The grandkids would love this!

Yesterday we headed north through Duluth & into Superior Wi. Last night we went to a favorite “local” restaurant & stuck up a conversation with our server & before you knew it we had two napkins full of suggested places to go & things to see. It is cold & windy here today so we might opt for indoor exploring.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “6/17/2018-6/24/2018

  1. babs45

    Wonderful narrative and pictures, Bonnie. You have a way of telling your stories that make me want to put all your places on my travel list!


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