We stayed at a really nice KOA in Hixton Wi. It seemed that the young families were on the bottom flat level & from there it terraced up. Beautiful views!! One of the employees took this sunset one night with our 5th wheel in it. I love it!!

This Is a pretty rural area but great scenic drives. One day we visited the Black River.

Another drive was to the Wazee Recreational area. This lake was so clear

We took a road to get to Rustic trail but had to put the truck in 4wheel drive twice to get through it. Trust me this looks much tamer than it was.

Off to the Wisconsin Dells.

We stayed in a privately owned campground that was very family friendly & busy. This rig parked next to us. I had to google it. (Iron Castle). It came in on wheels & then the guy cranked it down to the ground. An ice shanty in winter & camper in summer

The only way that I know how to describe the Dells is this water park capital of the world is that it’s like the Las Vegas strip for kids. There are water parks, rope courses,go-cart tracks,escape houses,mystery hills, putt putt courses over &over for miles on both sides of the streets. Our grandsons would LOVE this!!

We were able to find some great side trips. The first was to Lost Canyon where a horse drawn wagon took us through an amazing canyon. I was sitting on the outside & several times I had to lean in &duck.

Notice the horse diapers

It was so cool! The woman who owns it is 88 & still takes tickets & does the books. Our guide told us that she’s had it since the sixties. It is such a prime location right in town that multiple times she has been offered many millions. He said her kids are just waiting.

Can you see Eagle Rock?⬇️

Another day we took a beautiful boat tour of the Upper Dells river. That had two stops where we got off & walked for awhile.Where are the tree roots??

This is the famous Leap Rock which initially drew people to the Dells. I wish I could post the video! Can you see the dog jumping?

Our last day trip was to House on the Rock about an hour west of the Dells.

This was probably one of the strangest places I’ve ever been to. It says to allow 3-4 hours but if you want to see everything it would take days. It is a huge house complex built on &around a huge rock out in the country. He filled it with collections of just about everything.

This is the infinity room that we could walk out on

Also, during the week, our son sent us a photo from their vacation,

so of course we had to send one back!

The weather has been perfect.

We just pulled into our spot in Door County & it’s time to go find dinner.

It’s going to be a great week.

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