7/22/2018-7/29/2018 Michigan

This was where we stayed in Muskegon Michigan. Lake Sch-nepp-a-ho.

It rained for most of our stay but we were able to get a few hours at Pere Marquette Beach. There was a beach volleyball & a beach soccer tournament area & a huge beautiful clean beach. Too bad that the biting flies cut it short!

The next stop was Kampvilla just north of Bear Lake Michigan. It’s a great family campground with lots to do, especially if you have children. One of the wheels fell off ending the ride

One day we drove the Pierce Stocking scenic drive. Again our National Parks pass came in handy. The drive is 7 miles of beautiful scenery & starts with a covered bridge.

All along the one way drive there are pull offs to be able to stop & enjoy the beauty.

Glenn Lake

Dune overlook

Sleeping Bear Dunes. It is a 35 degrade & a 450 ft distance from the top of the top to the shoreline. There are warning signs about going down & how getting back up could take 2hrs & how expensive it was if you needed a rescue team. It didn’t take much to convince us to enjoy it from the top.

It was fun watching people crab walk back up

Blue Bar Lake

Pointe Betsie Beach & lighthouse.

Crystal Lake

Another day we drove the Mission Peninsula in Traverse city. I can’t believe that I grew up just a few hours away from here & never knew about the beauty of northern Michigan.

Old Mission Lighthouse & beach

We had lunch at the Jolly Pumpkin brewery & restaurant

& they were setting up for a wedding. What a beautiful backdrop

We had so many more plans & reservations for Michigan but like a lot of this trip, our plans have changed & reservations have been cancelled. On Friday I got the long awaited call from an Orthopedic Dr office for a second opinion on my arm. As sad as I am to stop this trip, we are heading back to Dallas & hopefully I can get some improvement. I remember saying at the beginning of summer that they would wait to call until we were at the most northern part of the country. I was almost right.

Who knows when we will get back on the road but I will blog again when that happens!